Paradigm Engineering Health, Safety and Environment policy and practices centers on a zero-harm philosophy towards people, host communities and environment. We consistently enforce a standard approach to HSE and don’t compromise its standards of conduct when operating on ground.


Health related employment benefits are part of our recruitment policy. In addition to that provision of all the required first-aid facilities at the execution site is a must. Hygienic workplace and labors accommodation not only provide a better living conditions but also contribute to the Environment in a better way and we focus on these factors. To maintain it regular inspection of site and labor camps is mandatory to assess any unhygienic conditions and do the needful in preventing it. Insecticide sprays and availability of emergency vehicle to provide access to the relief centers in case of emergency is being implemented on our projects.


Safety First. This is our prime objective in delivering the project. At PARADIGM, we have developed a culture that promotes an injury-free environment and provides the safest workplace possible for our employees, subcontractors, clients and others who enter or who near our construction sites. Our catchword is: “Every worker goes home from each of our jobs, every day.”

Our Client’s expects a safe workplace and we make sure to implement all the safe practices at site to ensure zero injuries/accidents at our projects. Use of PPE’s on all sites is mandatory and safety induction training of every new employee is being done. For every individual project a project safety plan is prepared depending on the site conditions and Client’s requirement.


Paradigm Engineering is committed to maintaining a clean environment and as a consequence believes this will create the ability to operate in a disciplined and sustainable manner over the long term which is fundamental in maintaining a competitive advantage and honoring the deliverables of corporate governance. We are fully aware of Green Movement and try our best to actively participates in the preserving the environment. We are committed to a strong set of environmental principles and it is our policy to minimize the impact that may be associated with any of our activities in the project.